A goat that saves lives

About Ziegenkopf IT

The mountain inn "Ziegenkopf" as a think tank

Four older entrepreneurs sitting at a schnitzel dinner on the day of rest at the "Ziegenkopf" mountain inn privately together, have an idea, and have a small company founded: Ziegenkopf IT.
Ziegenkopf IT was founded in July 2023 as a sole proprietorship by Sina Stock. Sina is a prospective business economist and the daughter of the owner of the mountain inn.

With the advice and support of professionals from IT (design, code development, data security, etc.), the dog food and accessories sector, emergency medicine and a few other enthusiasts, the first software solution "IDENT-QR" was conceived, developed and brought to market.

IDENT-QR is used to group together situations in which lost property reports or emergency information are available digitally in real time for different situations.
can be provided.

There will be some more exciting developments to come, I promise,
Yours Sina

Respect for all people

We love all humans!

We respect all genders. That is why we write in the traditional, mostly masculine form. This decision was very easy because we love all people as they are, as it makes them happy. However, in our opinion, the discussions about gender-neutral writing miss the real point. Strange-looking substitute words stigmatize what we consider normal fellow human beings, and only then represent a difference. In fact, a substitute word causes people to still be disadvantaged, discriminated against, or treated inappropriately because of their gender, appearance, origin, or any other reason, regardless of all gender efforts. We ask all of you to respect our simple way of thinking. Just as we respect all people, regardless of their gender, sexuality, body shape and physical condition, skin color or origin.

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