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The IDENT-QR product family brings back what belongs to you, provides information in an emergency and is interesting for anyone who wants to place their brand with employees, customers and partners in the long term. For our IDENT-QR Allrounders, key fobs or disposable wristbands for children, there are a wide variety of applications in which an emergency can be quickly resolved. As a white-label service provider, almost all products are available with your full branding. It is important to us that your customers see your logo as often as possible.
That's why we place your brand not only on the product, but in every step of the software. Owners of IDENT-QR products and finders will be delighted with your logo. This creates lasting trust and a good feeling. The most innovative customer gift and give-away you have ever used.

IDENT-QR = The Feel-Good-Marketing

As an enabler, there has never been a customer idea that we have not been able to implement with our innovative team. Only talking people can be helped. Let's start an exchange. We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer view

Benefits: IDENT-QR owner

  1. Logo of the B2B partner on the product and in the software.
  2. 100% GDPR-compliant and without personal data for users and finders.
  3. No registration, no app, no follow-up costs for users!

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Why companies choose IDENT-QR

Our branding, with a focus on security, was a hit at our BFP Forum. The customised IDENT-QR key-fob will have a lasting impact on our visitors.

Katharina Hatecke

Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

As a management consultant for SMEs, I am often confronted with the issue of a lack of visibility. IDENT-QR solves this problem with innovation at a fair price. Mega!

Oliver Brunn - Business Consultant


We needed a smart, innovative promotional offering. IDENT-QR fit perfectly, and became a must for us. Our customers love it.

Ulf Kruft - Gastronom


Customers are returning to our brand. IDENT-QR has helped our exposure, as it connects us to positive outcomes in emergency situations.

Ulla - Retail


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