No, you only need a QR code that you want to activate. Registration is not necessary.

Yes, you can do that immediately. You simply scan the QR code of your product to activate it. With the first scan, we link your mobile phone number and/or email address to the QR code as the owner. Each scan with another mobile phone then represents a found or emergency message.

Yes, of course. You can simply scan the QR code with the mobile phone you used for the first scan. You can then do the same with every other QR code, i.e. with all products.

You can decide this yourself during activation and set it with a click.

That too. Our software is already being expanded to six more languages: English, Swedish, Danish, French, Dutch and Italian. You are welcome to encourage us to add another language. We will then implement this within a week. Decisive for the language selection during activation is the country code of the mobile phone number used by the owner during activation. The language selection for the found or emergency information is determined by the country code of the mobile phone number used by the caller.

Yes, you will soon be able to do this with the IDENT QR Code. We have already been developing a special application in the new code for 10 months. Where we got the emergency medicine knowledge from is quite simple: the parents of the founders come from emergency medicine and have been developing digital emergency data software solutions for worldwide partners since 2006.