Tag it & forget it.

Add a simple layer of security to your belongings.

What is Ident-QR?

SOS, is used in urgent emergencies. We know that a lost key, a runaway dog, a suddenly missing bag or suitcase is also always perceived as a personal emergency. Not to mention real emergencies: A missing child in an amusement park, a disorientated elderly person or a chronically ill person who has been found.

We also know that people are generally willing to help if the situation allows it. One of the most important factors in their willingness to help is: time.

To notify an owner or relative, we have developed a unique 30-second solution: IDENT-QR

Multilingual, worldwide, without an app!

Owner: Duration 1 minute

Activate IDENT-QR

Name the product.
Select a category.
Set a contact option.

Enjoy security!

Finder: Duration 1 minute


Contact owner.
Hand over found item.
Receive gift.

Thank you for your help!

Das SOS-Icon

Damit Du im Notfall den Richtigen erreichst.
IDENT-QR Bike Emergency sticker car window inside Clothes back

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IDENT-QR für Unternehmen: Gute-Gefühl-Marketing

Creating an image. Combine advertising with safety and saving lives. To create software solutions that make you proud to see your logo and show your customers that you are thinking of them. Very personal and reliable, and that's all there is to it.


Innovation Arbeitsmedizin

Unfälle passieren plötzlich, med. Notfälle unerwartet. Hier gilt es schnell und gezielt zu handeln.

Zum Wohle der Mitarbeiter, um für deren Sicherheit Verantwortung zu tragen.

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