Always reach the right person in case of an emergency!


If the guardian angel takes a break, we offer a free service that enables smartphone users to act as quickly as possible in an emergency: SOS-Icon by IDENT-QR

Whether it's a fall during leisure time, an accident at work or a road traffic accident - if an accident occurs, the emergency number must be called. But when such an extraordinary extreme situation causes the adrenalin to shoot up due to stress and there is excitement at the scene of the accident, the emergency number is usually no longer in the mind. However, it is particularly important when making an emergency call to give all the correct information and, above all, to dial the right emergency number. This is the only way to ensure that the right people can take the right action.

The selective individual entries are also a safe solution when you are nervous or under time pressure, and you can store your important emergency contacts in a central location behind an icon. Our customisations of your SOS icon contain up to 4 different phone numbers. You can assign these four memory locations individually, e.g. with the emergency number (112), your parents or an external emergency contact (wife, uncle, aunt, school, etc.)

From the start screen, the most important services for emergencies are made available via the IDENT-QR SOS icon.

Free for you

SOS-Icon Standard

In the free SOS-Icon Standard you will find your everyday emergency and accident helpers: police, fire brigade & rescue service, first aid instructions online and breakdown & accident service.

Onoe click to the right number!

Customised to your needs

SOS-Icon with your emergency contacts

You can also ask our team to create your personal SOS-Icon with the short cut for your emergency contacts.

How it works

iPhone iOS

To add the website icon to the home screen:

1. tap the arrow in the centre of the menu bar when viewing Scroll down the options list and click on "Add to home screen".
2. select the option "Add to home screen".
3. give the link the name "SOS"
4. drag the SOS icon onto your home screen. This way you can always reach it in seconds.



Add the website icon to your home screen:

1. tap on the menu icon (⁝) in the browser.
2. tap on "Add to home screen" in the context menu.
3. name the link "SOS"
4. now tap on "Add".
5. drag the SOS icon to your home screen. This way you can always reach it in seconds.